Sun Salutations & Pranayama

Online Sun Salutations

Morning Sun Salutations & Pranayama.

Weekday Sun Salutations in the comfort of your own home.

Monday to Fridays,  7:15-7:45 am & 8:15-8:45 am.

Sun Salutations and Pranayama is the most beautiful way to start the day. Waking up the spine and body with a flowing meditative sequence helps prepare your body and mind for the day ahead. The perfect nourishing morning ritual.

Downward facing dog: a posture from the sun salutation sequence.
Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward facing dog

Sun Salutations

There are several variations of the sun salutations. During these classes you will learn traditional Hatha salutations, ashtanga surya namaskara A, kneeling salutations, moon salutations and modified sequences (pictured below) that are perfect for beginners. We keep each class nice and simple and focus on a single salutation. Over the week we have a ‘rise and fall’ rhythm. Mondays are recap and beginner days, Wednesdays you will learn/practice the stronger ashtanga salutations and by Fridays we wind back down with kneeling or a gentle vinyasa flow salutation. 

Chair Salutations

Chair salutations are a great modification if you don’t want to bear weight through the hands and wrists. Check out the video below for a demonstration. 


We start each morning by mindfully observing the breath. The aim of this guided session is to create awareness and ease with the breath. At the end of the class we use cooling breathing techniques to help the body settle. Sitting comfortably, in a position that allows the spine to lengthen and create space around chest is important. I encourage you to be creative in finding props from around your house. Pictured below I’m sitting on the edge of a blanket and using a yoga wrap. 

This is a great app to try out: The Breathing App by Eddie Stern iOS and Android

Kneeling Salutations

Kneeling salutations are a great alternative for days when we have less energy. They start and end in a kneeling position, creating an opportunity to pause and steady the breath or meditate. 

Free kneeling salutation practice sheet PDF

Moon Salutations

Moon salutations take a different approach to the sun salutations. they are perfect to practice before bed, on the full and new moons or for women during periods and ovulation. When the full and new moons occur on weekdays we practice moon salutation. This is a beautiful way to become more in tune with the moon cycles. For more info about moon salutations – “The Heart of Moon Yoga, Three Essential Tools to Deepen Your Yoga and Get You Started with
the Moon Salutation” PDF by Laura Cornell, Midwife for Healing Transformation.

I use this app linked below to keep track of the moon phases:

The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

I particularly like the compass, it’s great for cloudy British nights!

We will be using Zoom, please download the app onto your phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or pc the day before the first class. If you have any questions please email me.